Agents and Brokers

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company, and would like you to consider joining the winning MedPoint Advantage agent/broker team.

MedPoint Advantage is a plan designed for individuals who, by doctors orders, are required to check their blood glucose level.

MedPoint Advantage is committed to your success in representing our company. We value and consider each agent/broker an important component of our company. You will find MedPoint Advantage very different from most companies you have done business with. We designed the contracting phase with the Agent in mind. Our company is an ease to do business with. You can be contracted and be ready to enroll your first Member within minutes.

Please follow the simple Agent Contracting Instructions and Checklist.

You have the MedPoint Advantage team behind you, so ask questions anytime you need; we are here for you, The Agent / Broker.